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Will my pro be vaccinated for COVID-19?

If you have a preference regarding your pro’s vaccination status, you can include that information in the job description so pros can see right away before they claim your job. If you already have a pro assigned to your booking, you can connect with them via in-app chat to ask if they are vaccinated. You’ll be able to reach your pro at least 24 hours before the booking start time. If you’re uncomfortable working with a pro because of their vaccination status you can change your pro following these steps.  Any fees for late changes due to vaccination status will be waived.

Additionally, we ask pros health screening questions every day to verify they feel healthy and are not symptomatic. Pros are aware of our health and safety guidelines and should wear PPE and maintain physical distance from their customers whenever possible. 

Any bookings cancelled due to COVID or vaccination status will not be charged a cancellation fee.

Note applicable to New York City bookings:  Within New York City, vaccines are required for private sector workers who work in places where they interact with the public, including people who work inside homes. Pros, as self-employed independent contractors, are responsible for their own compliance with the vaccine mandate.  They have verified to Handy that they are in compliance with all applicable local laws and regulations, including the vaccine mandate. We recommend that you also confirm your pro's vaccination status before your appointment to ensure your own compliance with the law. You can reach your pro prior to the booking following these steps. 

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