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What's Included in a Contactless Pick-up & Delivery Service?

Contactless Pick-up & Delivery is available for customers interested in having groceries, pharmacy items, take out (food/drinks) or other items picked-up from a nearby store and delivered to your home. Unless instructed otherwise, professionals will deliver items to the outside of your door, to reduce contact during this tumultuous time.

If you have any specific requirements for pick-up or delivery, please be sure to note that as you create your booking.

What information do I need to provide?

To make sure your booking goes smoothly, we’ll need to collect a few details from you:

  • The type of store you’d like a pro to make a pick up from (grocery, pharmacy*, take out, etc.)
  • The store name and address for pick-up
  • An estimate of the out-of-pocket costs required to purchase these items, if not pre-paid for already
  • A detailed list of items to be picked up
  • Your home delivery address

Please note: Here at Handy we take the privacy and security of both customers and professionals very seriously, which is why we provide a masked phone number bridge for all bookings to put customers and pros in contact with each other without giving out personal information. You do not need to leave your real phone number in the notes to your pro.


Do I need to pre-pay for my items?

No, you do not need to pre-pay for the items. However if it is possible to pre-pay, we recommend that you do so to ease the burden on the pro of upfront payment.


How do I reimburse my pro for the items they pickup?

If you are not able to pre-pay for the items, please estimate the out-of-pocket expenses your pro can expect to incur when they shop for your items.

Pros are asked to keep a receipt for the items purchased and will provide you with the original receipt. Please reimburse your pro for these expenses using the tip function in the app. 

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