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Who is responsible for providing tools, supplies, and materials?

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Your Pro will come equipped with the basic tools they will need to get the job done, along with basic supplies like nails, screws, and glues.

For larger materials (like drywall or the fixtures being installed) or replacement parts, you will need to provide these items. If you’re unsure, reach out to your pro directly - you can provide them with photos if it helps show what might be needed for the job. You’ll be able to contact your pro 24 hours before your booking begins. If you’re trying to reach them, and they’re taking a little while to respond, don’t worry. Sometimes pros are in transit or have poor cell reception. They also might call you if they have questions. 

Tall ceilings? If your booking will require the use of a ladder, it’s good to give the pro notice before your appointment so that they can bring the appropriate sized ladder for the project. You can also provide them with photos if it helps show the location where the fixture will be placed.

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