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My pro is late

We expect the professionals using our platform to provide the highest level of service, and at the core of that is reliability.

Please note, for service company pros, the arrival window is 3 hours. Feel free to contact your service company directly using the contact information provided in your confirmation email to confirm they are on their way. If the 3-hour window has passed and you are unable to get in contact with them, please reach out to us using the contact form below to schedule a redo booking.

If your booking is with an individual professional instead of a service company that you have previously connected with, you can check that your professional is on the way and can contact them through the Handy app.

We apologize for any inconvenience and know that you may not have the time to wait. You can chat with us from the hours of 8am to 11pm ET (using the blue chat icon on the bottom right corner of your screen), or email us any time using the form below (we aim to respond to urgent issues like this within minutes). The more detail you provide, the more quickly we'll be able to assist.

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