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How do I reschedule my Lowe's booking?


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Rescheduling your booking is easy!

First, you want to check whether an installation professional has been assigned to your booking. How do you check this? By looking at your booking confirmation email. Please see below for an example:

If your booking confirmation email looks like the one to the right*, an installation professional has already been assigned to your booking and will contact you to confirm a date and time for your booking. 

If the installation professional has already contacted you to schedule but you need to reschedule from your initially agreed upon time, we ask that you reach back out to them directly to reschedule. You can find your installation professional's contact information in your booking confirmation email.

*If your booking confirmation does not state that your installation professional will be reaching out to you soon, this means that an installation professional has not yet been assigned to you. You can reschedule the booking yourself through the bookings page. The steps to reschedule are outlined below.


To reschedule your booking:

  •       Visit**
  •       Go to the bookings page on your account
  •       Click the edit booking dropdown.
  •       Select 'Reschedule Booking'
  •       Choose the date and time you’d like to move the booking to
             Tip: The green dot means a provider has indicated they are available at that time! 
  •       Click the ‘Reschedule’ button
  •       Once you reschedule, you'll receive an email confirming the new date and time

**Please note if it is your first time logging in, you’ll need to follow the password creation link and use the email address you provided to Lowe's at check-out. If you did not include an email address with your Lowe’s order, you can provide your email address to our team using the form below. We’ll then update your account details with the email you provide us.



Have more questions?

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