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What's included in a yard cleanup booking?

Here’s what you can expect from a yard cleanup with a professional booked through Handy at the quoted price.  Please make sure to tell your pro about any specific preferences once you’ve booked.

What’s included:

  • Yard size of up to 3000 sq ft
  • General leaf removal
  • Mowing grass that is up to 12 inches high
  • Trimming lawn edges that are against fences, structures or trees
  • Clean off grass clippings from driveway, curb and other areas with a blower or broom
  • Small bushes trimming (under 3 feet)
  • Weed eating planted areas
  • Bag away grass clippings and debris

Professionals bring equipment to complete these tasks, such as a lawn mower, leaf blower, string trimmer, weed eater, and basic hand tools.  


Extra services you should ask us about -- they may be outside the scope of your quote:

  • Lawn or yard that is larger than 3000 sq ft
  • Trimming large bushes
  • Weed prevention with chemicals (you provide the chemicals)
  • Mulching (you provide the mulch)
  • Planting flowers or small trees (you provide the flowers or small trees)
  • Trimming shrubs and bushes that are less than 6 feet tall
  • Lawn aeration
  • Fertilization (you provide the fertilizer)
  • Thatching or power raking
  • Overseed lawn (you provide the seeds)
  • Jobs requiring equipment other than a lawn mower, leaf blower, string trimmer/weed eater, or basic hand tools.
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