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How do I estimate how much space my stuff will take up?

With Handy Storage, you only pay for the space your stuff actually uses. When you make a booking, we show you a price estimate based on the stuff you tell us you want to store. Here are details on each category of item:

Boxes (Approx 2'x1.5'x1.5') - We bring you boxes to pack you clothes and similar items in. 

Small Furniture (Approx. 2'x2'x4') - This includes items like nightstands, armchairs, small shelving units, coffee tables, desk chairs, file cabinets, foot stools, and side tables. 

Large Furniture (Approx. 8'x4'x4') -  This includes items like couches, sectionals, bed frames, mattresses, full bookcases, desks, armoires, dressers, TV/entertainment units, wardrobes and refrigerators.

Other (Approx. 2'x2'x3') - This includes sports equipment like bikes, golf clubs, skis, and snowboards or other home decorations like lamps, fake plants and AC units.

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