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Update your payment information


On the app: 

On web: 

1. Go to Account page

2. Tap Update Payment

3. Select Update

4. Enter your new credit card information

1. Go to Account page

2. Select Update Credit Card Information

3. Enter your new credit card information

Note: Bookings are charged when the order is placed for your initial cleaning or any one time bookings, subsequent bookings in your plan will be charged the day before they are scheduled.

New credit cards are subject to a $50/£30 authorization charge to test validity. This means that once you enter a new credit card your bank statement may show a $50/£30 charge which will be refunded immediately back to your account once it is confirmed.

Handy is also compatible with Apple Pay and Android Pay, so you don't even need take your card out of your wallet!

If you suspect that there's been suspicious activity on your credit card with regard to Handy please contact our customer experience team as soon as possible. For the fastest response to your questions you can chat with us using the blue icon on the bottom right. We're here to help!

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