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How do I contact my pro?

For every booking you make with Handy you can leave notes to your professional in the Handy app, to let them know what you need done.

Shortly before your booking begins, we'll provide a phone number for your professional. If you’re trying to reach them, and they’re taking a little while to respond, don’t worry. Sometimes pros are in transit or have poor cell reception. They also might call you if they have questions. Pick up! They're friendly!

Safety and security are top priorities here at Handy. That's why we issue a masked phone number connection for every booking. This means we don't give out the real phone numbers for either you or the professional. It also means that for your calls or texts to work, you'll have to use the phone number attached to your Handy account. You can double-check which number that is on your Account Page.

We also have an in-app chat feature which will allow you to talk to the professional on your upcoming booking in real time, so long as you're within 24 hours of the job start time.

You can chat with the members of your Pro Team who you've worked with before in the app at any time. In your My Pros tab, you'll find a list of available pros.

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