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How do prepaid bookings work?

Right now for customers signing on to a commitment cleaning plan with Handy for the very first time we’re offering a significant discount. When you pay for five cleanings upfront, on top of your initial booking, you’ll receive 10% off the cost of each.

If you are a new customer you’ll be given the chance to accept this offer immediately after you sign up for your first booking.

Your payment will be added to your account in a lump sum of credits and will automatically apply to bookings as they generate.

Only those bookings which automatically generate will have your discount applied. If you create a one time cleaning it will be billed at our regular rate.

These credits will apply to any cleaning extras and non-cleaning bookings. If you add extras or a non-cleaning booking, they will use the credits we have put in your account. Once all the value of the credits is drawn down, Handy will charge your credit card for your next booking.

You’ll be able to reschedule your bookings at no additional cost, so long as you provide more than 24 hours notice. Credits do not apply to cancellation or reschedule fees.  Cancellation and reschedule fees will be charged  directly to your card.

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