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Types of credit

Using credits

General credits

Earned when you cancel a booking that's already been billed. (Doesn't apply to Cleaning Plans that carry a minimum term).

General credits are automatically applied to payment each time you make a new booking or are billed for a plan booking.

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Referral credits

Earned when you successfully refer a new customer to the platform. Issued after the referred customer completed their first booking.

Referral credits are automatically applied each time you're billed for a plan booking or make a one-time booking.

How do referrals work? 

Check the status of my referrals 

Saved Cleaning credits

Earned when you skip a cleaning during your plan term. The value of the cleaning is charged and saved to your account. (Doesn't apply to no-term plans).

Saved Cleaning credits can be used by booking a one-time service, or on a plan booking after your term ends.

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