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Complaints & Claims

We are very proud of the quality and timeliness of our service, so we hate to see you here. Almost all of our bookings go well, but if something went wrong we'd like to help you resolve the issue immediately.


Go to the "Previous Bookings" page in your account and click “Report Issue” to tell us about a complaint. We will be in touch within 48 hours of initial submission of the complaint.

Claims Policy

All claims must be reported within 72 hours of the appointment. (Go to "Previous Bookings" and then “Report Issue”). We will be in touch within 48 hours of initial submission of claim.


​1. Submission of claim does not guarantee reimbursement of any kind. We reserve the right to fix an item instead of replacing it.

2. Handybook will require proof of purchase and proof of damage before we can settle any claim. Handybook will determine the market value of damaged item based on purchase price, date purchased, the current condition of the item, and the cost to fix the item. This does not always equal the value to replace it with a new item. Without proof of purchase, we can only pay up to 25% of market value.

3. If you believe there has been a theft of an item worth more than $100, you must file police report and send us a copy.

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